2 thoughts on “An end to Mis-ery

  1. Normajeane

    Deanne. Sherborne House Sold Mr Cameron Millionaire It been clean up with view To making it what it was Arts The Paddock going a head. But he’s money Was asking in the area who Worked there who knows about It. You Amanda. He’s there Tuesday’s. After 10pm The gates are open. I have E mailed Amanda if she Interested to meet me He borrowed all the information We took out when it closed. Best Normajeane

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    1. Deanne Tremlett Post author

      Thanks Normajeane, yes I kinda knew, not so much in the loop but aware that it exists these days. I will, though, follow up on what you said. Not sure what Amanda is up to these days but I believe she is pretty involved in the West Bay scene now…
      All the best, see you in town no doubt


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