‘Machines for suffering’

Ahhhhh Pablo, don’t you just love him?

Me? Not so much, ever since the Hayward.

Lots of gals did though.

In the year that is 100 since women first received a right to vote, owing in the most part to the actions of an active and empowered few, and a slowly emerging narrative [if sought] of self sacrifice and protest at all levels from kitchen to castle, I am reminded of my experience of the Hayward Gallery’s ‘Picasso’s Picassos’ [1981] where I first felt the glimmerings of fear.

In 1981 I was 15 and on a school trip. I felt a chill for the first time, inexplicable, a thought I could not then form. A fear of being female.

All because of this:


Nude, Green Leaves and Bust (Femme nue, feuilles et buste) (1932), Pablo Picasso. Private Collection

And so in honour of the man who first ‘fraided’ me I offer this…..


and this:


I’d say ‘enjoy’ but you’re not gonna…..