There is lots written about naming a painting.

For me the painting appears in my consciousness, pretty much already done, bar the screaming. A complete idea, already in the room.

The title, less so, slowly follows. It swims into focus and is essential, to my mind, to my intent. Some works take years to name themselves.

Almost as if my subconscious is pointing out a lesson I have yet to learn.

Titles can be misinterpreted, obviously, as can the works themselves. However original intent is notoriously difficult to have stick. Look at communism.

So, what is in a name?

Something particular to original intent.

Even when just a number; it imbues the work with something of the author.

History tells us that some of our most famous masterpieces are not now known by their original, intended, name. Has this meant that we have subsequently read them wrong? Not individually, never personally, but culturally and pandemicaly?

Well, here is Zombabie. First sketch. Plus a very amusing link I stumbled across when musing on this post. Please rename as you see fit, happy to consider alternatives….not!