Two Maria Lassnig quotes

“Sight, Lassnig insists -or at least her way of seeing- comes from within and embraces what is outside. As a result, whether she is painting or working on paper, she is recording not only what she sees -physically no less than mentally- as she sees what she sees. Rather than a gut-wrenching expressionism, Lassnig’s is an expressionism of the gut. (…) Lassnig’s work on paper is something you don’t simply look at, but look into -or perhaps feel into. At once agitated and calm, animated yet centered, singular yet reiterative, elaborate yet forthright, these works not only accept inner and outer worlds equally but manifest them as a continuity. What you see is what you feel and vice versa.”

(taken from ‘Body Awareness -Maria Lassnig’s works on paper’, Peter Frank in art on paper, nov-dec 2009)

“When I was young, I was clever enough to know that if I got married or had children, I would be eaten.”

Lord love her