Getting pushed around

So, Bacon, thanks for that.

I have now realised that it is actually the paint that pushes me around.

So much so that I was exhausted by the whole experience, and [to be honest] with the planning for and stressing about my birthday party on Saturday, and could find no way to express it last night.

On the back of the quote I posted the day before, I decided to try to look at my own method and process in the studio more closely. I suspect a more scientific, and probably the next most logical, thing to do would be to rig up the camera and do some kind of time-lapse film; as a lot of it I can’t recall.

I did, though, try to make a regular check in with my consciousness and found myself all over the place, working on six or seven pieces without any, obvious, pre-consideration.

It had not occurred to me that this is how I work before. I knew I had several ‘on the go at one time’, but it seems to be something to do with the nature of the paint that moves me from work to work.

So, in the complete opposite of what Bacon said yesterday, I am literally being pushed around by the paint.

So I mean it. Thanks.

Herewith some images of the works I touched yesterday: