Jan 4 2016

Yesterday was my birthday. I spent most of it in a fizz fuzz.

Despite this I was very fired up about beginning this blog today and this morning, while I was in the bath, ran through all of the things that I would write.

I was going to try to express in words why I need to paint. What it means, where it comes from and my hopes for what happens when I send it out into the world.

As the day has gone on, though, I have experienced a slow slide towards misunderstanding.

What seemed so clear to me as I washed my hair now sounds trite and silly. Tiredness due to yesterday’s overindulgence has robbed me of my insight.

I am glad, however, that I did not jump from the tub and warble on there and then but instead waited until this evening. It means that there will be a somewhat inauspicious beginning to my efforts.

Which is exactly as it should be, given the circumstances..

Work in the girls

Work in progress…meet the girls